The Project

  • Development


  • Modular Design
  • Custom Wordpress CMS


Mike Medoro
Brandon Keeks
Project Manager
Kelsey Perkins

Girard College is very unique in that they are a full-scholarship boarding school for academically capable students, grades 1-12, from families with limited financial resources, each headed by a single parent or guardian. Girard College ensures every student the opportunity and the means to achieve excellence and preparation for advanced education through purposeful academic and residential programs.

Through collaboration with the team at J2 Design, Impart created a modular design system with a custom WordPress CMS, allowing Girard College to easily update and maintain their new website. With the need to serves families with limited financial resource it was important for the site to be accommodating for the population of internet users with inadequate access to web technology. The resulting rearchitected website streamlines visitors’ access to the school’s mission, academics, and application process, allowing for easily navigable content on all devices—especially mobile.